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Added: December 07, 2022
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Cute, young and blonde, Elsa wants to enter the world of porn for the exciting lifestyle and to fuck cute boys, that and making more than she does now as a waitress. She's a bit of a late bloomer having lost her virginity at 20 and has only had sex with 2 guys (and some girls along the way, which does add an interesting twist to her sexual history). Fortunately over the last year she's decided she's ready to get out there and get fucked a lot more often, so yeah, we know how to make that happen. Elsa does have a great smile and attitude and her answer to everything we asked her to do was okay, we like that in a girl! An anal virgin, she gets her first taste with a butt plug and to her surprise liked the feeling. One unexpected item on the menu for our newbie waitress was ass, in this case our stud Vince?s asshole which she went down on without a fuss, a good sign for what was to cum. For only having been with a couple of guys, she does have excellent blowjob skills and really made an effort to take every inch of Vince?s manmeat. It's not long before the main course is served and she gets her first taste of anal with full penetration filling her up like never before. Elsa really had to work hard for this one, but in the end, she took it like a champ. Vince rewards her with a gooey facial for desert which she lapped up like the cum slut she wants to be. Now it's just a question of who gets served next!