Seducing My Married Baby Mama


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Added: January 21, 2022
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Since me and my ex wife/baby mama had started having an affair life had been pretty good! i decided i wanted to push things ever further i wanted to fuck sadie in the bed she shared with her new husband!I got up early and went over to Sadie's and parked down the street. i waited for a little while and then i saw her husband leaving for work and my son getting on the bus school. once i knew Sadie was home alone I let myself into the house and found/surprised Sadie in the kitchen.She asked me what i was doing there and i told her about my naughty fantasy and then she got a naughty looked on her face and told me to follow her to the bedroom!I fucked Sadie all day long and came deep in her multiple times. there is no doubt in my mind that Sadie is about to be my baby mama again!