Lady Boss: Bait, Switch


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Added: June 18, 2021
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Elena Koshka arrives at the office and greets Alina Lopez, who is waiting for her behind her desk. Alina Lopez slyly slides her a piece of paper telling her that she needs to sign a disclosure when dating someone in the office. As expected, Elena denies that shes involved with anyone in the office, but Alina smirks and pushes her a little more, knowing full well that Elena isnt telling the truth. After all, its Alina that Elenas fooling around with! Alina wants to take it to the next step by having Elena admit that theyre in a relationship, but Elenas playing hard to catch. Shes also being very bad today as she slides between Alinas legs and teases her pussy right there in the office!Alina enjoys Elenas tongue until shes interrupted by a phone call. Penny Pax, their boss, cheerfully greets her. Alina doesnt get Elena to stop, trying her best to remain professional on the phone. Its so much easier said than done, and the last thing Alina wants to talk about is filing reports. She makes up every excuse she can when Penny starts getting suspicious. Oh, shes just breathless because she needs her inhaler, and, yes, her mouth is full because shes eating at her desk again...Meanwhile, acting on her hunch, Penny shows up outside the door and sees the two sexy girls getting it on. Penny, aroused by the sight, gets an idea. She tells Alina over the phone that she needs those reports NOW. She then hides as Alina hurries out of the office.Penny sneaks into the office and sees Elena bent over the desk. Since Elena seems oblivious to her true identity, she has fun with Elena while pretending to be Alina. Elena doesnt know shes being brought to orgasm by another woman until its too late.Alina returns and catches them in the act. Penny says that theyre BOTH in danger of losing their jobs since they know they shouldnt be dating coworkers, much less fooling around in the office. However, if they want to keep their jobs, they just might be able to work something out together..