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We came back from the trip to the lake and had a shower because these facilities were broken there. I went first and prepared tea for her. Soon she finished the shower and she entered the room with just a towel. Soon she realized that I would like to fuck and shoot a scene today also. So she started to blow me. As you can imagine, i saw her all day at the lake just with her bikini and was looking foreward to the evening. So I really had to fight for not cumming too early. When I fucked her doggystyle she was close to her climas but I had to stop. She flipped over on her back and I was teasing her clit to her ready. I started to fuck her again and soon she had her orgasm. Then I wanted to fuck her tits but soon I was ready to come. She avoided to cum in her face for that she doesn?t need to have a shower again. So I unloaded my juice on her tits and she took my cock in her mouth to taste it. We watched tv for some hours after and fell asleep soon.