Two Ramons?

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Added: October 14, 2021
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Welcome back all you tranny-loving freaks! Today we have a special treat for you guys out there.We have got another episode of the infamous, the one and only Super Ramon! Our lovely Jessi Martinez is out on a stroll when she suffers a fall and hurts herself.Whos that coming to her rescue? The SuperMonstercock himself Super Ramon!! Or is it? Now if theres one thing we know about the lovely Jessi Martinez, shes not just looks, this broad has brains too.She spots the Super Ramon imposter right off the bat! No way this is the genuine Super Ramon.As much as people try to take that title, theres no way to fill this mans shoes. What the fake Ramon didnt expect was the real one to show up.Now if you know one thing about this situation, is that when theres tranny ass involved theres plenty to go around.Our superhero isnt selfish, he loves to share his goods. Jessi Martinez is definitely down for some double-cocking. Lets get right down to the action folks .Jessi Martinez gets a load of twice the Super cock in "2 Ramons?"